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Media Unit

About Media Unit

With the intention of reaching to our goal the media unit of co/Ananda Balika vidyalaya has been an active and leading society since 2000. With the contribution of former assistant principal madam Kusuma Karunaratne intended to open the media unit and since 2002 Miss Wasantha Harischandra as the teacher in-charge did a great service to bring the society for its present standards and higher achievements.

Teacher in Charge

Ms.Wasantha Harischandra

Our Mission

We dedicate to contribute a philanthropic communication and a media culture in our brothers and sisters in our school and in inter-schools.


All island 1st places
  • Savithri Withanage - 2006- senior
  • Mithila Mudalige - 2005-senior
  • Thejani Wijesinghe - 2008-inter medium
  • Upeksha Umayangani Hettigay - 2008-junior
  • All island 3rd place
  • Yashoda Piumalee - 2008-junior
The students who studied media & communication technology has passed G.C.E. O/L Examination 100%

Presenting programme in television

Independence television network [ITN]
  • Children's news announcers
  • Kushani Manushika Panditharathna
  • Rashmi Wijesekara
  • Ridmi Wijesekara
  • Udani Anuththara
  • Sakuni Dananjalee Samarakon-[Lahiru madala, Tikiri paya]

The National television corporation
  • Upeksha Umayangani Hettige
  • Other activities,
  • Conducting the morning assembly
  • Annual media day
  • Organizing inter school announcing competitions